What Is MapReduce?

In this era of Big Data and the rise of a new species called Data Scientist, us "mere" Software Developers might have heard of a thing called MapReduce, but what is it really? And why has it been a game-changing tool in the last decade? This is my attempt to explain the concept in simple terms. To illustrate the concepts I will use Python, one of the most popular languages especially when it comes to data science, and LISP (in particular Clojure) to honor the language that introduced the concepts used for MapReduce. [Read More]

Time for Growth

In my last post I listed the technologies I'm curious about, but I also listed some of the technologies I'm not so enthusiastic about. That triggered some reactions and someone pointed out to me that my knowledge about C# and Java is outdated.

This has been the beginning of a soul-searching process on my part.

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My Tech Wishlist

Due to some big changes involving the company I’m currently working at, I will soon move on to a new challenge. But what are the challenges I’d like to work on in the next months? Here is my list with things that excite me and things that don’t. Job Utopia? Finding a job that would match all the following criteria is impossible. As with any wishlist, this is just a listing of what currently interests me: some things are negotiable, some are not. [Read More]

Switch to Hugo

Hey, just a very small update: I dediced to revamp a little my website in order to publish again some content. I decided to switch to Hugo. Why? Because I can!

I hope to come back to writing about some cool tech stuff pretty soon…


A modular Gruntfile

Grunt is a very powerful task runner and if you are developing in Javascript chances are you are probably using it. It’s configuration file defines all the tasks available and what they should do, but have you ever felt that even for mid-sized projects it easily becomes too big and hard to manage? Well I felt that way, so that’s when I decided to split it into many smaller configuration files with the help of load-grunt-config. [Read More]

Introducing Jekyll!

Welcome to my new blog, Code Lilies: Beautiful tricks from the swamp. Like many others before me, I decided to use my personal website to write about interesting solutions to coding problems that normally arise during software development. Like Water Lilies that grow through the muddy waters of a swamp, I will try to share the most beautiful tricks that emerge from the constant flow of problem our jobs require us to solve every day. [Read More]